Crown House Breakfast

Our breakfasts are real people pleasers.

After a great nights sleep in one of our comfy beds (as our guests often comment on the beds), what better way to start the day off than with a Crown House “time saver” breakfast. Our breakfast is robust enough to last sometimes well past lunch, saving you the time it takes to stop somewhere for lunch. We start you off with juice and our own custom coffee or a selection of Victoria’s own Murchies Tea (Victoria’s favorite tea house, making teas since 1894). Then we set you up with a delicious chef’s choice breakfast (just let us know when you check in about food allergies or restrictions). All breakfasts are prepared and finished after you’ve been seated so your food is always hot, fresh, tasty and the best that they can be.

Our bottomless coffee (just ask for a refill pot of coffee) is spiced with our custom Chai Spice and made in French Presses (not drip coffee!) using the best water available, that of the pristine Cowichan Lake!

We have a hummingbird feeder outside the breakfast area which is frequented by our little freeloader friends each day. The Hummingbirds are amazingly small, darting in for a sip of nectar and off again or sometimes taking a luxurious long drink of nectar for maybe ten seconds or longer! Be warned, they are difficult photographic subjects, requiring patience and time to acquire photos of them. A telephoto lens will help too.