A little downtime

It’s tough to be constantly on the go while traveling, and sometimes a little downtime is enough to unwind and refresh. Reading a book, people or cloud watching, or perhaps even exploring a new game on an iPad or iPhone. We’ve got you covered for the tech part with three apps for Apple mobile devices that we have developed ourselves. Our most popular app is a meditation aid called StrobeMachine which is strobe device with a variety of shapes and colours, tempos and sounds to explore and meditate to. The other two are tile games: Diablotin is based on the Puzzle 15 game, expanded from 4 columns to 3 and 5 columns, with a huge amount of layout assists to challenge you beyond the normal. Customizable colours too. Swipe Grid is another tile game to combine tiles to reach a cumulative tile. This is also expanded for more challenges. All apps are free and if you enjoy them feel free to upgrade them for a small fee to say thank you and expand your experience with them. Thank you.

Sorry, but these are only available on Apple (not Android):