We have two visiting species of hummingbirds at Crown House, the Anna's and the Rufuos Hummingbirds. The Anna's Hummingbird is usually the larger to the two, with a green back and red/pink throat, while the feisty Rufous Hummingbird is the smaller of the two, sporting a brown back and orange throat, but ideRufous Hummingbirdntification is difficult when the individuals are immature.

We have feeders for the hummingbirds up all year round as this area is continually host to Anna's Hummingbird. Normally we have two feeding stations up, one at the patio sliding glass door which is easily seen during breakfast time, and near the upstairs outside seating area. During the winter we change to a single feeding station attached to a window so the ambient temperature of the outside of the window will keep the nectar unfrozen down to negative seven degrees celsius (stand alone feeders will stay liquid to down to negative three degrees celsius.)

Both species of hummingbirds are highly territorial and will defend their territory. One hummingbird will try to defend both stations, chasing away every bird they happen to see taking nectar from 'their' station. There is no sharing unless it happens to be breeding season, as that changes everything (courtship flight has been seen in December).fe

female anna's perching
female anna's hummingbird


rufous hummingbird at feeder
rufous hummingbird at a feeder